Mednet has provided the highest quality Holter monitoring service to over 80,000 patients each year for the last 20 years.

Mednet’s Holter monitoring success can be attributed to three key areas:

  • Convenient recording due to advanced technology – Mednet offers a recorder that is pager-sized, can be worn discretely, is comfortable, and water resistant, which patients are more likely to use for the length of the study. Signal quality can be verified while the patient is still in the physician’s office reducing noise and artifact and minimizing failed hook-ups.
  • Quality staff – Monitoring personnel is comprised of nationally certified, skilled technicians including a senior Quality Assurance (QA) team. Mednet scans on cutting-edge Holter systems, using prospective scanning techniques that produce the highest quality Holter test reports commercially available.
  • Reporting – Mednet delivers patient reports that are easy to read and navigate. The most efficient mode for delivering reports is the web-based Mednet Access Patient-Link Network. Mednet analyzes reports, submits them to a stringent Quality Assurance process, and then sends reports within 24 hours of receipt. Mednet can process STAT requests in as little as one hour. In addition, Mednet reports are easy to read and understand.