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Universal Medical, Inc.ís Assurance of Quality Management System Standards for Manufacturing Medical Devices

EWING, N.J., November 11, 2014

Certification auditors recommend Universal Medical, Inc. (UMI) for ISO 13485 recertification, Canadian Medical Device Regulation re-certification, and for European Council certification. Auditor recommendation recognizes UMIís compliance with medical industry standards in its development of manufacturing processes to deliver product and service quality. These certifications are a result of cross-functional diligence and hard work by UMIís employees. UMIís customers in the medical industry understand the value of these certifications.

European Council certification is a key aspect of BioTelemetryís strategic plan to apply for CE marks and then market UMIís Heartrak ECATģ Wireless Family of Devices and Cardiostationģ Standalone Software in European Union countries.

UMIís mission is to meet, if not exceed, all quality standards and to expand marketing areas. UMI is committed to the physicians, clinicians, and patients it serves, and to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system under which it operates.

UMI has been ISO 13485 certified since 2006.

About ISO 13485

ISO 13485:2003 was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as an international quality management standard for medical devices.


Easy, Real-Time Wireless Monitoring on AT&Tís Expansive 3G and EDGE Network

EWING, N.J., March 27, 2009

Lifesaving diagnoses and actions, prompted by the anywhere, anytime availability of vital cardiac information, is now more accessible thanks to a wireless heart monitoring solution from Mednet Healthcare Technologies that is powered by AT&Tís wireless technologies.

Mednet, a leading provider of cardiac monitoring products and surveillance services, is helping doctors and patients remotely monitor heart arrhythmia through personal mobile devices. Under a new contract with AT&T, Mednetís HEARTRAK External Cardiac Ambulatory Telemetry (ECAT) solution will facilitate wireless monitoring of patient devices via Bluetooth-enabled cell phones across AT&Tís expansive 3G and EDGE wireless data footprint, which covers more than 17,000 cities and towns and 40,000 miles of highway across the country.

Until now, patients using Mednet heart monitors utilized a toll-free number and had to place their monitoring device near a landline phone receiver to send a signal to a central monitoring center. With the new ECAT solution, patient data will be automatically transmitted via Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, which synchronize with the heart monitor to streamline data transfer and enhance ease of use. Using AT&Tís wireless network, the ECAT solution will allow the monitoring device to automatically record and send real-time patient data to a central monitoring center, where physicians can access and review the data. In addition to wireless monitoring, Mednet will also use AT&T voice services so cardiac technicians and physicians can quickly reach out to patients if needed.

"Using AT&Tís wireless network, physicians will now be able to instantly monitor a patientís heart from virtually any location, making this one of the latest steps in advancing patient care,Ē said Frank Movizzo, CEO of Mednet. ďWe look forward to expanding heart monitoring capabilities with AT&T."